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Act Now for Climate Justice is a campaign led by ACT Alliance, a coalition of more than 140 organisations and churches organisations working together in over 140 countries to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised people.

Action Solidaire est une association internationale de droit Sénégalais créée en Mars 2008 Elle a pour mission de contribuer à la dynamique de conscientisation des masses et appuyer les communautés de bases à lutter contre la pauvreté par le développement durable, la préservation de l’environnement et l’accès à l’efficacité énergétique à travers une approche basée sur la solidarité, la justice et l’équité.

action/2015 is a growing citizens’ movement made up of almost 2000 organisations, networks and coalitions from 145 countries. We are united by the belief that 2015 is a critical year for progress in the fight against climate change, poverty and inequality. From fighting poverty and inequalities to climate change, the action/2015 vision is to accelerate global progress in 2015. Our movement is open and inclusive. Everyone who shares our vision and wants to mobilize and engage citizens in their communities or around the world is invited to join our movement.

Tunisian association APED (Association for the Protection of the Environment in Dhiba) was created in 2013 to resist hunting of wildlife by Arab princes of the Gulf and to raise citizen awareness on the importance of protecting the environment. APED goals also include monitoring the activities of oil companies and their respect of environmental laws, and fighting the fracking technique which is used to extract shale gas in the region.


For 5 years, Tunisian association APEDDUB (Association for the Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development based in Bizerte) has organised awareness campaigns, studies and conferences on specific themes dealing with pollution, climate change and sustainable development, in relation to international and national networks as well as local civil society in Bizerte.

APWLD is a feminist regional network with 198 members in 26 countries in Asia and the Pacific. Our six programmes work to empower women in the region to use research, training, advocacy and activism to claim and strengthen women’s human rights as enshrined in UN international human rights instruments. Specifically, the Climate Justice Programme works with grassroots women through a Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR) to document the impacts of climate change on their lives and ensure that they are included at the national, regional and international decision-making processes related to climate."

Attac is an international social movement working towards social, environmental and democratic alternatives in the globalization process. Attac Austria was founded as a non-partisan civil society network in 2000, based on regional and content-related groups. Attac informs on economic and societal structures, develops alternatives and concrete policy proposals, networks with other civil society organizations and movements in Austria, Europe and beyond, and supports local initiatives of change. The core objective is to promote a socio-ecological transformation towards the good life for all. Topics include an alternative financial system, a solidary Europe, tax justice, a just international trade regime, food sovereignty, social security and environmental justice.

ATTAC is an international organization involved in the alter-globalization movement. We oppose neo-liberal globalization and develop social, ecological, and democratic alternatives so as to guarantee fundamental rights for all. Specifically, we fight for the regulation of financial markets, the closure of tax havens, the introduction of global taxes to finance global public goods, the cancellation of the debt of developing countries, fair trade, and the implementation of limits to free trade and capital flows.

ATTAC CADTM Maroc est un mouvement d’éducation populaire tournée vers l’action, elle est très engagée sur le terrain des luttes au Maroc contre la mondialisation capitaliste et la domination des IFI et les grandes puissances. ATTAC Maroc veut être un espace de réflexion critique permettant de déchiffrer les mécanismes et conséquences de l’offensive néolibérale sur notre propre réalité sociale dans les différents terrains où elle s’exerce. ATTAC lutte pour « une autre mondialisation, loin de toute logique de repli, fondée sur la solidarité entre les peuples pour que demain soit synonyme de justice sociale, de démocratie, de dignité, de développement solidaire dans un monde qui soit autre chose qu’un marché.

The 41 million-strong global campaign network –with 4,3 million in France, works to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want, by bringing people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere. Avaaz influences leaders ahead of crucial decision-making moments by spreading online and on-the-spot mass mobilizations linked to targeted advocacy strategies in record time. Last September, Avaaz was a leader / instigator in the organisation of some 2500 marches in cities around the world that mobilised the public and politicians around climate change.

AVES France est une association de protection de la nature et de la faune sauvage d’intérêt général, qui a été créée en 2005. Aujourd’hui, nos principales missions sont : la lutte contre les spectacles de montreurs d’ours et de loups et la captivité; la protection de la nature et de la faune sauvage en France; la; la lutte contre les bouleversements climatiques, le soutien des programmes de conservation de l’ours dans le monde, soutien de programmes de sauvetages et de réhabilitations d’animaux victimes du trafic illégal de faune sauvage; la recherche de bénévoles pour le refuge Amazoonico en Equateur

BankTrack is the international tracking, campaigning and NGO support organisation targeting the operations and investments of private sector banks and their effect on people and the planet. We launched the Paris Pledge campaign aims to make banks publicly commit to phase out financing for the coal industry, and this prior to the Paris Climate summit.

Bike Train is a network of cyclists from Brighton (UK) that creates a sociable, assertive, safety-in-numbers space on busy roads by cycling in a two-abreast group formation accompanied by music, hi-vis signage and experienced ride marshals. We aim to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of cycling, as we journey to a low carbon, more sustainable future.

CADTM International is a network of some 30 active organizations in over 25 countries across four continents. Focusing on the debt and debt-related issues, the principal aim of its actions and the radical alternatives it proposes is to work towards a world based on sovereignty, solidarity and cooperation between peoples, respect for the environment, equality, social justice and peace.

The Campaign against Climate Change is a UK organisation bringing together people to push for the urgent and radical action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate, by organising street demonstrations and other means.

CIDSE is an international alliance of 17 Catholic development agencies based in Europe and North America. We challenge governments, business, churches, and international bodies to adopt policies and behavior that promote human rights, social justice and sustainable development. These are important elements of our mission, which we try to achieve through joint advocacy, campaigning and development cooperation work. Central to our policy formulation and advocacy is our member organisations’ work on a wide range of priorities, with local partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is the voices of our partners in the South which we intend to make heard at key events at European, North American and international level. CIDSE's advocacy work covers matters related to global governance; resources for development; climate justice; food, agriculture & sustainable trade and business & human rights.

The Climate Action Network (CAN) is a worldwide network of over 900 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in more than 100 countries, working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels. CAN members work to achieve this goal through information exchange and the coordinated development of NGO strategy on international, regional, and national climate issues. CAN has regional network hubs that coordinate these efforts around the world. CAN members place a high priority on both a healthy environment and development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" (Brundtland Commission). CAN's vision is to protect the atmosphere while allowing for sustainable and equitable development worldwide.

Climate Express is a growing Belgium based movement that strives towards a firm and collaborative approach to climate issues. Trough an activating “#movetheclimate” campaign, Climate Express is mobilizing 10.000 Belgians for the COP21. By bike, train or bus, Climate Express will flood the streets of Paris to demand a societal change: people and environment, not profit, must be our guiding values. The fight for a united and decisive approach to the climate problem will not be won in one day though. After Paris we will keep building our growing movement. Together we are the strong wind that will blow away fossil fuels!

Since 1993, the Community Organizing Center is a not-for-Profit organization that works to advance nuclear disarmament and anti-war education and action campaigns; facilitate networking of Economic and Ecological Justice organizations and groups; promote Ohio-Cuba InterAction and normalization of relations; and propagate Human and Native Rights.

The Climate-Alliance Germany has been established as a broad alliance in order to counterbalance profit and power interests of the many players within the economic and political establishment of Germany and to channel and apply public pressure in order to overcome these blockades in climate politics.

Le Coletivo Bahia 21 rassemble la diversité des mouvements sociaux et les organisations qui ont leur siège dans l'État de Bahia - Brésil, mais agissant niveaux local, régional et national. Maintenant aussi en coopération internationale à agir contre le changement climatique et toutes sortes de mesures qui compromettent la qualité de vie sur la planète. Notre représentation est renforcée avec la participation des organisations ABAM – Associação das Baianas de Acarajé, Mingau e Similares, ACPOBA – Associação Certificadora de Áreas e Produtores de Alimentos Orgânicos do Estado da Bahia, ADIMCBA - Associação dos Dirigentes Culturais do Estado da Bahia, Brechó Eco Solidário, CABINCLA – Casa Baiana para Integração Cultural Latino Americana, CESOL Centro Público de Economia Solidária, CONAM - Confederação Nacional das Associações de Moradores, Escola Picolino de Artes do Circo, FABS - Federação das Associações de Bairro de Salvador, FAMMCEBA – Federação das Associações de Moradores dos Movimentos Comunitários do Estado da Bahia, IAPAZ – Instituto de Estudo e Ação pela Paz com Justiça Social, IDE - Centro de Desenvolvimento Sócio Comunitário, Igreja Pagã do Brasil, Instituto Palmares de Promoção da Igualdade, MNCR – Movimento Nacional dos Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis, Pangea Centro de Estudos Socioambientais e Terreiro Ilê Asé Ominija.

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Climate Change Network Nigeria (CCN-Nigeria) is a national coalition of over 150 diverse civil society organizations from across Nigeria committed to promoting climate-friendly Nigeria and sustainable development through multi-sectoral approach and partnership (Government, Business and civil society sectors)

AMA Spanish NGO promotes, organizing a bike march from Madrid to Paris COP21 to bring the signatures we collect to ask for a global agreement against climate change. The bike march will last about one month and it will count on the participations of organizations as well as volunteers, anyone willing to join us.

Center for Food Safety (CFS) is a legal and public policy non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Washington, D.C. working with national and international institutions and at the grassroots level to advocate for food and farm systems that enhance ecological and socio-culture integrity. Nearly two decades ago, CFS was one of the first NGOs in the U.S. tohighlight critical links between agriculture systems and climate change. CFS initiated key legal challenges including the historic Mass v. EPA (Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency) in the U.S. Supreme Court in which Justices ruled that the EPA must regulate GHGs. CFS staff also contributed to the UN and World Bank Report: International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD). We also have generated numerous reports and articles on climate change and agriculture, including Food and Climate: Connecting the Dots, Choosing the Way Forward; The Wheel of Life: Food, Climate, Human Rights and the Economy; and others. CFS works on a wide range of issues including U.S. Congressional agricultural policy in both the U.S. and abroad; national and state-based food labeling initiatives; U.S. organic standards; international trade agreements; and more. CFS’s successful legal cases collectively represent a landmark body of case law on food and agricultural issues.

We are an activist group in Portugal fighting climate change and its devastating effects, which concern human rights and wealth distribution around the world. We therefore fight for social and climate justice, keeping fossil fuels underground and replacing them with sustainable energy, local production, public transport and climate jobs, and we reject both technofixes and market-based “solutions”.

Le CNCD-11.11.11 est la coupole de plus de 80 ONG de développement, de syndicats et d’associations engagées dans la solidarité internationale en communauté française et germanophone de Belgique. Avec ses organisations membres, le CNCD-11.11.11 réalise trois missions essentielles : interpeller les décideurs politiques sur leurs responsabilités en matière de coopération au développement et de solidarité internationale; coordonner des campagnes de sensibilisation, d’information et de mobilisation de la population; financer grâce à l’Opération 11.11.11 des programmes des projets de développement en Afrique, Amérique latine, Moyen-Orient et Asie.

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

The Democracy Center works globally to advance social, economic and environmental justice, by helping citizens understand and influence the public issues that impact their lives. As The Democracy Center begins its third decade, a special emphasis of our work is strengthening citizen action on the global climate crisis and helping citizens challenge the power of corporations.

Earth Day Network’s (EDN) mission is to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change and protect our planet for future generations .

A ECOSURF é uma organização ambientalista, sem fins lucrativos que busca empoderar os SURFISTAS para atuação em causas públicas, proteção das praias, ondas, rios e oceanos.

Eco-union is an international NGO that aims to empower change towards sustainability in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

ECOAR is an association for (Counter)discourse, Construction and Coordination of Alternatives and Social Response which seeks to become a useful tool for social movements and the citizenship based on the following basic points: ANTI-CAPITALISM, ANTI-GLOBALIZATION, ETHICAL CONSUMERISM, DEFENCE OF THE PUBLIC SERVICES, DEFENCE OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS (PCR-ESCR), ENVIRONMENTALISM, SOCIAL AND SECULAR “STATE”, HORIZONTALIZATION OF SOCIETY, INTERCULTURALISM, NON VIOLENCE. Ecoar seeks to build a coordination and mobilisation organisation/community creating a critical and active social fabric in order to organise, from the local to the international level, a united response to capitalist hegemony through diversity, an inclusive attitude and network work.

We are a group of ordinary citizens, taking a stand for Earth's rights. We believe ECOCIDE should be recognized as a crime. That is why we are proposing a Law of ecocide and an amendment of Rome statute to add ecocide as a fifth crime against humanity. "ECOCIDE is the destruction of our natural environment. Defined as the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystems of a given territory it covers all major environmental disasters."

La Fédération mondiale des travailleurs scientifiques (FMTS), est une organisation internationale non gouvernementale partenaire officielle de l’UNESCO a été fondée en 1946, à l’initiative de personnalités scientifiques de très haut niveau et d’un syndicat britannique, la British Association of Scientific Workers. L’existence de la FMTS est avant tout un appel à toute la communauté scientifique à s’impliquer dans la mise de la science et de la technologie au service du bien-être de l’humanité. C’est pourquoi la FMTS est un rassemblement d’organisations professionnelles ou syndicales et de personnalités scientifiques individuelles. En agissant avec ses organisations affiliées pour obtenir en 1974 une recommandation de l’Unesco sur la condition des chercheurs scientifiques, la FMTS a contribué à ouvrir aux scientifiques des possibilités d’exercice professionnel émancipé. Aujourd’hui, le savoir scientifique est devenu déterminant dans la plupart des activités humaines. Les travailleurs scientifiques, hommes et femmes, qu’ils soient chercheurs, professeurs, ingénieurs ou techniciens, sont de plus en plus interpellés à propos de leur responsabilité quant à l’impact de leur savoir et de leurs recherches sur l’avenir de la société, sur la durabilité de son développement. Face au sentiment d’une science toute puissante dans le sens positif comme dans le sens négatif, nous affirmons que l’orientation du développement de la société n’est pas une affaire purement scientifique. La science, à elle seule est impuissante à combattre la pauvreté, les inégalités, la faim, les guerres, la destruction des ressources naturelles, les menaces pesant sur l’environnement. L’essentiel est dans la volonté des peuples, dans la volonté politique des pouvoirs en place. La science, la recherche scientifique, l’utilisation des découvertes, l’innovation, sont placées, comme le reste de l’économie, sous la domination du marché et particulièrement du marché financier mondial. Les travailleurs scientifiques, aspirent à être libérés de ce poids, tout en voulant répondre aux besoins et interrogations de l’humanité. Ils éprouvent le besoin d’agir en accord avec leur éthique. Dans le respect de la liberté académique et de la responsabilité individuelle, la communauté scientifique, la société civile et, plus largement les citoyens et citoyennes devraient être associés à la définition des priorités. C’est une exigence démocratique. C’est le sens que la FMTS donne à l’idée de responsabilité sociale. C’est à ce titre qu’elle s’engage dans les combats pour la paix et le désarmement, la solidarité entre les peuples, le développement social et soutenable, et pour un nouvel ordre économique mondial. La FMTS entretient des relations avec toutes les ONG concernées par le rôle social de la science.

Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) is the world's largest grassroots environmental federation with 75 national member groups in as many countries and more than two million individual members. We have 42 members groups in the global south and 33 in the global north. Our programs include Climate Justice & Energy, Economic Justice Resisting Neoliberalism, Food Sovereignty and Forests & Biodiversity, headed by coordinators decentralised in 7 countries.

Global Justice Now is a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. We mobilise people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south.

The basis of GPIW’s work is the dynamic expression of unity, emerging from the heart of wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, and our own hearts, into a new story for the human community. This new narrative can help animate social and economic structures and systems that better reflect our natural evolution toward greater wholeness. An essential part of this shift is the coming into a sacred relationship with the earth and all the living forces of the universe. Feminine wisdom and the power of love can serve as the fulcrum for this inner and outer transformation.

Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace by: - Catalysing an energy revolution to address the number one threat facing our planet: climate change. - Defending our oceans by challenging wasteful and destructive fishing, and creating a global network of marine reserves. - Protecting the world's ancient forests and the animals, plants and people that depend on them. - Working for disarmament and peace by tackling the causes of conflict and calling for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. - Creating a toxic free future with safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals in today's products and manufacturing. - Campaigning for sustainable agriculture by rejecting genetically engineered organisms, protecting biodiversity and encouraging socially responsible farming. Greenpeace is present in more than 55 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

Human Hotel is a grassroots hospitality service aimed at mobilizing people and movements through shared hospitality. Human Hotel is currently matching COP21 climate workers with local Parisian hosts opening up their home during the climate summit this December. Human Hotel started at COP15 (Copenhagen 2009 ) as an initiative to secure affordable accommodation for the thousands of visiting climate workers that could not afford the overpriced hotels and apartment rentals in Copenhagen. At that time, Human Hotel made more than 3,000 successful hosting arrangements between amazing and dedicated climate workers and like-minded Copenhagen residents. Guests and hosts of Human Hotel are matched up together based on mutual interests, preferences and schedules

Climate Justice and Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth

THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CLIMATE ACTION & THEORY is a public-facing climate-focused research network and media hub. This website is our research archive — like a public file cabinet where we share our sources as well as publish our work. Our mission begins with the better understanding of global warming, climate change, and the ensuing international struggle to institute the just rule of law in defense of planetary ecology and its constituent peoples and species. In short, our mission concerns climate justice. Toward that end, we work to render climate science, economic history, civil society (& its constituent social movements), and global (environmental) governance, accessible to the general public, while also striving to make such lay-knowledge available and useful to a wide range of interdisciplinary scientists, NGOs, scholars, theorists and activists — in the interest of fostering new collaborations and synthesizing new data and skills that together stand a better chance of contributing to the equitable mitigation of global warming.

Indraprastha Public Affairs Centre (IPAC) is a non-profit, advocacy support organisation, which seeks to function as a support system to grassroots movements and people’s organisation working on the issues of poverty, climate change, and gender justice. IPAC’s outreach extends to all over India and three other countries of South Asia, i.e. Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

INFORSE (International Network For Sustainable Energy) is a global network of more than 160 NGOs working for sustainable energy solutions to protect the environment and reduce poverty. INFORSE was established at the Global Forum of the UNCED Conference, the so called "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. INFORSE has an observer status to the United Nation's ECOSOC (since 1998) and UNFCCC (since 2002) and participates and is working through regional coordinators in Asia, Africa, and Europe. INFORSE-Europe is registered in the EU Transparency Lobby Register since 2008. The main secretary is hosted by INFORSE-Europe, Aarhus in Denmark. The main activities include to lobby decision makers on international level like UN and EU, and on national level through the members. To facilitate this, INFORSE develops national and regional scenarios for 100 % renewable energy supply together with the members. INFORSE members also has been working together on NGO cooperation projects, which are supported by EuropeAid, EU FP7, DANIDA, SIDA, Nordic Councils of Ministers, and others. The latest projects include: Southern Voices on Climate Change, Eco-Village Development in South Asia, regional sustainable energy planning in 3 districts in Belarus, public participation in local energy strategies in Poland, NGO-researcher network on lowcarbon strategies. To facilitate NGOs work, INFORSE also collects educational material for school children, and has developed an educational material for NGOs in English (DIERET). (also available in Slovak and in Russian)

Italian Climate Network is an association composed by citizens, companies and NGOs engaged in taking on climate change and promoting a shift in the economic system towards a model characterized by low levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Founded in 2011, Italian Climate Network works with a wide range of actors both from the public and private sector with the aim to raise the awareness about climate change and take action for tackling it. Its activities include but are not limited to scientific as well as general-audience-oriented divulgation on climate topics, participation to the UNFCCC negotiates and the organization of numerous events and campaigns. Italian Climate Network is part of severa

We are a group of 10/15 activist in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Some of us belong to the anticapitalist party SolidariteS, while others are independents. We work in two different ways, within a metodology of a meeting every two weeks: debates/discussion on solutions/principles for the ecological crisis from an anticapitalistic perspective in order to produce material that can add an ecological approach to the different movements of the Left in Geneva and Switzerland. Participation as a group an as individuals in all political fights ongoing in our city.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement is an international coalition of over 100 organizations from all continents, inspired by the Laudato Si' encyclical to mobilize for climate justice. Through our Catholic Climate Petition we aim to raise 1 million Catholic voices to urge political leaders to take action on climate change.

IBON International is a service institution with an international character and scope of work. It cooperates mainly with social movements and civil society constituencies in all regions of the world, especially in the global South and among marginalised groups, advocating social justice and social transformation through knowledge building, knowledge sharing, and by performing a broad range of related capacity development functions and contributing towards the capacity development of people’s movements for human rights and democracy.

The ITUC represents 176 million workers in 162 countries and territories and has 328 national affiliates and it's the global voice of the world’s working people.

KlimatSverige is a newly created Swedish network consisting of organizations and individual activists that seriously consider and accept the findings and warnings from Climate Science. Our aim is to make Sweden take leadership in a fast and equitable global transition to a society that respects the ecological and climatological boundaries of our planet. Our aim is to gather and strengthen the climate movement in Sweden. We will promote joint actions, and information-sharing among non governmental organizations related to the struggle against Climate Change. At present about 30 Swedish organizations and action groups have joined the network. We are coordinating local solution focused events on 26-27th of September under a common frame called Climate Workshops. We are also coordinating Climate Marches on 29th of November, among other things. We gather and share info around Swedish activists visiting Paris during COP21.

Indraprastha Public Affairs Centre (IPAC) is a non-profit, advocacy support organisation, which seeks to function as a support system to grassroots movements and people’s organisation working on the issues of poverty, climate change, and gender justice. IPAC’s outreach extends to all over India and three other countries of South Asia, i.e. Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

LINGO works towards the goal of keeping all fossil fuels in the ground and thriving on 100% clean energy. We provide analysis to the climate movement and negotiations and support to those resisting extraction.

MOCICC is a platform that brings together civil society organizations (social movements , NGOs, networks , religious institutions , professional associations, youth groups and independent citizens) which aim to generate actions and spread plural opinions in defense of life and the sustainability of the Earth, as these are threatened by climate change.

Monitoring safety related issues on nuclear energy and nuclear waste management. Energy efficiency applications. Promoting renewable energies.

Nature Code’s mission is to ensure that the protection and welfare of all living beings becomes the guiding principle of policy making. Nature Code stands for evidence based advocacy. We champion policy solutions that promote environmental integrity, transparency, good governance and contribute to sustainable development. We support civil society groups around the world to build networks, gain access to information and hold the powerful to account. We build experience exchange and create dialogue with decision makers to find solutions at national, regional and international levels.

Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty. Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We save lives and help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. And we campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them. In all we do, Oxfam works with partner organizations and alongside vulnerable women and men to end the injustices that cause poverty.

Reclaim the Power is a grassroots organising network for taking direct action on environmental, economic and social justice issues, working in solidarity with affected communities. We aim to provide an inspiring and empowering space for a large number of people to take creative action together.

The Rights of Mother Earth movement is calling upon world leaders and the UN to adopt the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth. This is a request for acknowledging Nature as a living being with the rights to exist and flourish independently of the use to humans. It is a request to include Nature in the legal system as a rights baring entity. Be the voice now for Rights of Nature. We are collecting One Million signatures to present to the United Nations and heads of States. We have delivered 116,758 signatures to the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the Earth Summit in June 2012/Rio+20 and we are continuing until we have one million! Today we have over 827 000 signatures.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a diverse coalition of organisations campaigning on climate change, including environment, faith and development organisations, trade and student unions and community groups.

Uganda Coalition is a membership NGO Network dedicated to coordinate advocacy and lobby work around issues and commitments made by world governments towards sustainable development, inspired by the Rio+ 10 project (Civil Society project for preparation of the Johannesburg Summit of 2002). UCSD has a mission to contribute to sustainable development through follow up of the Johannesburg summit outcomes and subsequent global declarations in Uganda. UCSD is part of the East African Sustainability Watch Network that has since 2011 been popularizing and tracking implementation of the East African Community Climate Change Policy (EACCCP) through preparation of the Lake Victoria Climate Change Readiness briefs (for public information and advocacy work in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda)

L'ONG TSIMOKA basée en France a pour objectif de contribuer à la compréhension mutuelle, l'amitié et la solidarité entre le peuple malgache et les peuples du monde. Elle porte, entre autres, des projets de développement à Madagascar. Le dernier, qui était terminé, consistait à l'acheminement d'eau potable par énergie solaire dans un village rural et cela va s'étendre sur d'autres endroits. Actuellement, compte tenue des ravages par les inondations et les cyclones ces dernières années avec ses conséquences sur les habitations, entre autres sur les écoles, l'ONG entrevoit un projet pour contribuer à l'Amélioration de l’Éducation Nationale et des Écoles pour que ces dernières résistent aux caprices climatiques (sécheresses, hausses des températures, les fortes pluies et les cyclones etc).

WECAN engages women grassroots activists, Indigenous and business leaders, scientists, policy makers, farmers, academics and culture-shapers in collaboration. Our goal is to stop the escalation of climate change and environmental and community degradation, while accelerating the implementation of sustainability solutions through women’s empowerment, partnerships, hands-on trainings, advocacy campaigns, and political, economic, social and environmental action. WECAN is dedicated to climate justice and to protecting and defending the earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity and all future generations. Trainings and policy actions include reconnecting with the nature and understanding the vital importance of living within the earth’s carrying capacity. WECAN was created to accelerate a holistic Global Women’s Earth & Climate Action Movement.

WECF est un réseau international de 150 organisations environnementales et féminines, créé pour construire avec les femmes un monde juste, sain et durable. WECF est membre du Réseau Action Climat et du Groupe Femmes et Genre au sein de la CCNUCC.

As a global women’s advocacy organization, WEDO envisions a just world that promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and the integrity of the environment. WEDO works on a range of cross-cutting issues—from climate change and natural resource management, to global governance and finance and UN reform. Research and raising awareness, fostering and facilitating networks and campaigns, and building capacity and training—with women and women’s organizations, gender advocates, government and UN actors, and many others—comprise strategies to meet WEDO’s goals. While WEDO works at the international level primarily, it supports regional and national stakeholders, networks and governments to turn policy commitments on gender equality into action—striving to improve the lives of women and men around the world.

WISE supports grassroots (groups and individuals) to enable them to effectively oppose nuclear power.