Today, more than ever mobilized for the climate change: Coalition Climate 21 presents its new mobilization plan.


Paris, the 20th of november 2015



Today, more than ever mobilized : Coalition Climate 21 presents its new mobilization plan.


Despite the extension of the state of emergency, and the bans on public demonstrations on Nov 28th and Dec 12th, it is clear that these remain key dates for citizens to mobilise for the climate.


Paris, Sunday 28 November – we’re devoting the day to the climate


Visual and sound art installations will trace the route of the banned march. These displays will enable the expression of our messages: to remember the climate emergency but also to show solidarity with peoples on the front line of this crisis; to highlight the link between climate, employment and social justice; to promote solutions that already exist; to hold accountable those in power who benefit from climate crime; to respect and protect nature; and finally to unite all citizens who are calling for climate action.


We will demonstrate differently. In cafés, in bakeries, on street corners, on balconies, in windows, and even on clothing: a common symbol will be chosen to express commitment to the climate. A new tool will allow all those who cannot march on Nov 28th, from Beirut to Bamako including Paris, to be represented by all those are going to walk in the Americas, Africa, Asia and in Europe. Those who can will represent those who can’t by wearing their pictures and names. The site will enable direct connection between marchers and banned marchers. It will be online on Nov 25th.


A global mobilisation on the eve of COP21. On Nov 28th and 29th, hundreds of thousands of people will march in cities around the world to make sure politicians understand their concerns and hear their demands. From Johannesburg to Berlin, from Sydney to Kampala, from Ottawa to Barcelona – 57 marches are planned in total.


Dec 5th & 6th – People’s Climate Summit in Montreuil – Read more


Dec 7th to Dec 11th – Climate Action Zone at the CENTQUATRE-Paris – Read more


Dec 12th – we maintain the call for international mobilisation!


The state of emergency in France is also part of the climate emergency. The minimum requirements for a habitable planet and a fair society are red lines that were crossed long ago. On Dec 12th, we will reaffirm our commitment to environmental and social justice.


We hope that Dec 12th will be the opportunity for communities affected by climate change and its consequences to express themselves. In view of the situation in Paris we are reviewing the actions we will undertake, but we will demonstrate for peace and climate justice. Nothing will prevent us from making our voices heard at the end of COP21.