Looking for an accommodation in Paris to take part in the mobilizations planned in parallel with COP21?


  • You are coming on your own







- For nights from 4th to 6th December (Citizen Summit on Climate Change) and 10th to 12th December (Mass Action December 12) where many people will converge on Paris, the organization HUMAN HOTEL organizes homestays. You still can offer accommodation or look for a host for this period! The cost for three nights will be 40 euros, in which 35 will be given to the people who host you. Human Hotel will ensure that you stay with activists with whom you share your interests. There is little time to register, so feel free to do it on the website to offer accommodation or look for a host!


- We can send you a list of places to stay in Paris (hotel and hostel), whose prices are not higher than 30 euros. Download the list.


- Grew from the desire to develop an alternative and solidary tourism in the Seine-Saint-Denis region (93), the association ACCUEIL BANLIEUES organizes accommodations among activists of this department who will show you the life and culture of these neighborhoods and the urban partimoine. To contact “Accueil Banlieues”, you can write directly to accueilbanlieues@dartybox.com


- For COP21 in Paris and Beyond, PLACE TO BE offer a physical place to meet, co-work and co-create new stories about Climate & Humans. Bookings are still OPEN until the end of October!


- Also look at: https://www.couchsurfing.com/


  • You are a group of identified and organized militants  


Due to difficulties in finding collective accommodations in gyms to host activists during December’s mobilizations, we can not receive requests for accommodation anymore. Currently we cannot meet the requests that have been addressed to us: every organization that has sent a request will be contacted in the coming days to find another accommodation option.