Feedback on the 13th and 14th of June Coalition Climat weekend

The Coalition organised a mobilisation preparation weekend in Nanterre.


Many have attended and contributed to this important step to further the preparation of the mobilisations for the COP :

Programme : 

Juliette Rousseau, Coordinatrice de la Coalition Climat 21

Translations into English for all texts are on their way ; some are already available on this page, others will soon be. 

Saturday 13th of june 

10h - 12h30 : General Assembly


  • May/June Mobilisations :  

Update on the 30/31st of May / 1000 initiatives

Feedback on the Global Day of Action by Julian Gretsch 

  • Bonn transitional negotiations

Maxime Combes'article in Bastamag : "Négociations climat : comment éviter les désillusions et reprendre notre avenir en main ?", (in French) 18th of June 2015

  • News from the Coalition

Label Grande Cause nationale : 12 TV spots with clips and 20 radio spots, focusing on mobilisation

    • Update on international mobilisations

    Ende Gelände's action in Germany from the 14th to the 16th of August  


    14h-15h30 : Group work divided along areas of interest

    "Jobs and Climate" Group

    "Migrants" Group 

    "Agriculture and Climate Groupe"

    "Gender and Climate » group 

    "Faith groups and Climate" group

    « Youth and Climate » group

    Youth mobilisation workshop (2)


    Fighting Poverty group

    "Beyond the COP" groupe

    TTIP and Climate Group 

    Groupe "Water and Climat"" (in french)

    17h-19h30 : Ateliers incubateurs 

    Carnival for climate

    The evening carried on with the Festival TaParole  at the Parole Errante in Montreuil. 


    Sunday 14th of June 

    10-12h30 : December Mobilisations

    December mobilisation Choregraphy

    Group on the 29th of November 

    Group on the World Village of Alternative Solutions 5th and 6th of December (french)

    Group 104 

    Group on the 12th of December 

    General feedback (done the same day) and registration on work groups' mailing lists

    14h-15h30 : Roundtable on affected communities

    On Sunday afternoon, representatives from affected communities held the weekend final roundtable.

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    Roundtable speakers : 

    Martin Vilela, Bolivian Platform on Climate Change

    Mary Louise Malig - Global Forest Coalition - Asunción, Paraguay

    Barbara Lott-Holland & Penelope Musa-Kamungoma, Labor community strategy center  and Norwegian Church Aid / Actalliance - LA, California, USA.

    Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous environmental network - Minnesota, USA


    Michael Evrard, Agence locale de l'énergie et du climat, Seine Saint Denis


    Next mobilisation meeting: 3rd and 4th of October 2015. 


    Translation : Louise Peltier