Events and mobilizations

Past mobilizations and events

Past mobilizations and events

Réunion en assemblée du 7 novembre

La Coalition organisait une assemblée générale le 7 novembre à Paris pour partager le déroulé précis des mobilisations de décembre, en région et à Paris et de discuter de la suite du mouvement pour le climat en France en 2016.

2-3rd October Strategic meeting for mobilisations organisation


Last week of September, the final push before COP21

On the 26th and 27th of september, a lot of organisations kicked off the final run for the December mobilisations.

Mass action interrupts coal mining in Germany

On the 15th of August, in the Rhineland, around 1000 people gathered to occupy a huge coal mine.


The Climate Action Zone

In a working class neighbourhood north of Paris, in a cultural centre open to the city, the CENTQUATRE, hosted a “Climate Action Zone” during the last week of the COP21.


Feedback on the 13th and 14th of June Coalition Climat weekend

The Coalition organised a mobilisation preparation weekend

Update on the 30th and 31st of May Global Call for Action

In France and across the world, organisations and citizens mobilised to show that civil society is preparing for COP21, with the ambition of building a solid and long-lasting movement for Climate Justice.



The World Social Forum a key step in international convergence for climate justice

The Climate 21 coalition gathered a large international meeting before the WSF in Tunis in order to strengthen dialogue amongst the international movement for climate justice.


Week end Coalition Climat des 14 et 15 février

La Coalition Climat 21 organisait un weekend de mobilisation à Créteil. Plus de 300 militantes et militants ont répondu à l'invitation.


Coming events

Coming mobilisations

Global March for Climate

Peoples' climate summit

The Climate Action Zone

The people wrote the next chapter of the climate movement through direct action.