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The Coalition is a broad-based movement of different organisations (international non-profit organisations, environmental organisations, trade unions, grass roots and youth movements and faith organisations), whose principle aim is to rally people ahead of COP21. For this reason, we are the main point of contact to liaise with public authorities in order to ensure that the right conditions for mass demonstrations are met during the COP (space for gatherings of about 10 000 people in Paris, lodging for 50 000) but also to liaise with international networks and movements around the world that are involved in issues regarding climate change. We invite anyone and everyone to join us on the key dates for demonstrations before and during the Climate Summit in Paris.
- As an international organiation, take part in the different demonstrations before and during COP21. International weekend gather-ings (the 2nd and the 3rd of October weekend in Créteil) provide the opportunity to find activ-ists in France and to make your initiatives known.
- You can also support the Coalition’s work by sending us contact details, the name of the organisation and your logo in jpeg format, which will appear on our website.
- If you want to stay informed, you can as well ask to be added to the International mailinglist of the Coalition.

There are several ways of supporting the Coalition’s work and actions: by helping us to spread news of our campaigns and actions (passing on our newsletter, the resources on our website and our activists’ materials; by rallying people in your country and in your networks to participate in the key events in the Coalition’s calendar; by creating new initiatives and by listing them on our map of initiatives; by drum-ming up volunteers to help us with the overall logistics of the demonstrations, especially in Paris in De-cember; by giving financial support to the Coalition as far as you can afford it, by offering accommoda-tion to activists.

You will find all the dates about december mobilisations on the website.
To publicise your actions, demonstrations etc., registering them on the map of initiatives can increase their visibility and convince the general public to join in.

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