2-3rd October Strategic meeting for mobilisations organisation

The meeting took place at  Créteil University. 


See below the write up by French groups on the state of play on the December mobilizations following the meeting in Creteil/Paris on october 2nd and 3rd

N28-29 Marches

Marches in Paris and capitals around the world as well as other cities in France. These marches will make clear the diversity, power, and scale of our political demands connected to climate change while emphasizing the fact that regardless of the outcomes of the COP, further and deeper domestic, local and national action is critical. They will demonstrate that the climate struggle is also a struggle about inequality, poverty, food, energy, water, jobs, and gender and make visible the struggles of those communities who are at the frontlines of the impacts of climate change and false solutions. They will also connect the dots between the local and national resistances and the global climate struggle and demonstrate that this builds on previous mobilisations and leads to the next mobilisations, including December 12th and beyond.


People’s Climate Summit - Montreuil

This weekend will see the greatest concentration of debates, workshops, screenings and presentations of concrete alternatives in the face of climate change.

Two main elements :

  • The Climate Forum which will give us a place to discuss and exchange ideas about the initiatives, analyses and solutions being carried out by struggles around the world. It will also be a place for preparing actions planned for the 2nd week of negotiations and especially on 12 December. You can propose your activities for the Climat Forum, before Oct. 30th.

  • a Global Village of Alternatives will introduce participants to concrete alternative solutions, both local and international, for climate and social justice. For more information, you can read the Call for the Global Village of Alternatives.



Climate Action Zone - Le Centquatre

The ZAC will be the place to increase the rhythm of the mobilisations; demonstrations in the streets, symbolic actions, artistic happenings will be prepared at the 104. A general assembly held each afternoon will allow for analysis of the state of negotiations at the COP21 and next day’s actions.

The CENTQUATRE will also be an information place where people living in the Paris area will be able to attend screenings, participate in discussions or discover art exhibitions about climatic disruption.



D12 “Last word” day of mass mobilization and actions

The coalition will call for a day of mobilization and actions on D12 to elevate and demonstrate people power as a counter to the perceived power of politicians and polluters; expose those responsible and show that we have the solutions to the climate crisis and recommit to fight against the climate crisis in 2016 and beyond as a united and diverse movement.

The day will be organized around a joint action consensus. Actions organized on that day will aim at sharing the same “Last word”, they will also be organized around common symbols (redlines).

There will be two actions as part of this day: an action aiming at surrounding Le Bourget & a “convergence moment” - a moment in which the breadth of the movement for climate justice comes together, including a prefigurative component. Both will show our determination and set the tone for sustained and strengthened 2016 mobilizations around climate action and justice by our movement. The latter will be permitted. These actions will be organized by members of the coalition and the coalition being responsible to give coherence to the day and maintain its cohesion. D12 should help us to set the tone and accelerate the pace for 2016 and upcoming mobilizations (we're here to build a movement).